iScore Architecture Futuristic result oriented learning

The iScore goal is to help improvise academic performance through innovative approach in learning and teaching environment. The pre-assessment modules are included to analyse the requisite learning skills to provide customized tutoring for every student. Further there are appropriate learning reinforcement strategies and interactive activities to engage every student. The challenge is to leverage technology still retaining the personalized delivery in the conventional tutoring.

  iScore e-content repository

The iScore e-content repository is being used by over a million students across the world. This repository spanning 4000+ hours of e-content is rich in multimedia and graphics. It helps students in achieving conceptual clarity and retain learning terminologies. It adequately addresses all curriculum like CBSE, Samaseer, ICSE or any state board curriculum from kindergarten to higher secondary. It also has virtual laboratory modules, assessments and interactive activities.

  iScore tuition Key ingredients

iScore tutoring is a multidimensional trend in technology assisted learning viz.,

  iScore LMS Platform:

The e-content repository is mounted on this innovative and intuitive browser based LMS platform to schedule and deliver the e-content in the tablet. This helps tracking assessment scores, competency and skillset of each student subject wise, lesson wise, topic wise and term wise and year wise. 

  iScore Map the mind model

The e-content with various learning reinforcement strategies maps the mind of the every learner. The innovative activities scheduled for every lesson help students in team interaction, presentation, conceptual clarity and thus the authority in those learning modules with variety of input on various problem solving exercises to reinforce their learning. Every lesson taught in the iscore class is accessible up to one week online to engage even beyond iscore classroom.

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