What is iScore  

iScore Tuition is an innovation in traditional tutoring. It is the technology face of the conventional tuition model yet it retains the core and essence of personalized tutoring from the conventional model. The iscore assures and guarantees the academic performance of all the students with focus on the optimal use of technology in main stream tutoring.


Addressing different learning styles, the iScore way!

There are three main types of learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Since every student learns differently, it is important for the teacher to understand which style or combination of styles works best for her student to facilitate successful teaching and learning process. 

  iScore way – No student left behind!

The iScore tutoring is through the innovative e-content material created with relevant voice overs, visual animation and various activities for every learning objective in the lessons taught to ensure no child is left behind in the tuition class irrespective of their learning style!


To be the most innovative company, bringing transformation in tutoring and assessment; To create a global student community thro technology, focussing education and beyond


Our mission is to provide reinforced tutoring after school hours thro optimal use of technology, innovation and personalized attention; To enrich the learning experience of every student to score better;

  About Us  

iScore Tuition Academy is a division of M/s Hicommands Tech India Limited, an ISO 9001 certified e-learning company based out of Chennai, India.
Hicommands has been working with various educational institutions for more than a decade integrating technology with learning. Its flagship product, “PRODIGY” – a vast repository of instructionally rich elearning content spanning over 4000 hours addressing the K12 segment. Prodigy is currently being deployed in more than 1000 schools in India and overseas directly benefitting 1,000,000 students month on month. 


For more details about Hicommands, please visit www.hicommands.com

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